Zoo Worker Had Dying Wish Fulfilled To See Giraffes One Last Time, Beautiful 3k

A zoo worker who was terminally diagnosed had to slowly leave his job that he loved so much as he battled cancer. 54-year-old Mario always had a love for animals, he felt he got along with them better than he did with other people given his mental condition. He started out as a cleaner at Rotterdam Zoo, Holland and never wanted to do anything else in life but look after animals.

He works at the zoo for over 25 years, always tending animals and getting up close with them, that’s when he felt most loved and in touch with the world. One of his last wishes was to visit the zoo one last time and see the giraffes, whom he shared a special connection with. He was trolleyed to an open viewing platform on a bed and lay there, looking at the giraffes.

The giraffes recognised their old friend and came closer, even kissing him, as if they knew what was happening and wanting to show their love. Beautiful!

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