Young Woman Opts To Be A Surrogate But Discovers Something Shocking With Her Pregnancy 7k

Deciding to have a child is a big decision to make, but deciding to carry another couple’s child is a completely different thing. 21-year-old mom Shaniece Sturdy always had an interest in documentaries about surrogacies, how they worked and seeing how happy it made couples who couldn’t conceive children otherwise. After giving birth to her son, she contacted her local surrogacy agency to register herself and and waited patiently for her application to approve, while keeping it all a secret from everyone else.

She was then met with the parents she would be acting as a surrogate for, Joaana and Steve, and they got along very well, happy to do something so meaningful for them. Ass they all attended the first pre-natal scan together, the doctors noticed something, there wasn’t only one child in there, but two! They were all over the moon, but even better news was still to arrive.

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