Young Girl With Her Ukulele Gave The Judges Chills With Her Performance 3k

Once in a while, a real gem appears on talent search shows, such as America’s Got Talent, and they instantly mark their future as superstars with just their first performances.

Grace VanderWaal is a 12-year-old contestant who appeared during the 11th season of America’s Got Talent and was quickly predicted to me a favorite to win the contest. She received a golden buzzer on her very first performance and even compared to big celebrities like Taylor Swift, according to Simon Cowell.

Grace’s approach was to only sing songs that she had written herself and that became her trademark on the show. On of her most emotional performances was at the Quarterfinals, where she sang a song titled “Beautiful Thing”, which she had composed for her sister.

VanderWaal was announced as the season 11 winner, becoming the second female winner and second child act to ever win in the show’s history.

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