Young Girl Walks Into Homeless Shelter With Her Mom, What She Finds Has Her Speechless 1k

It’s a great feeling to give back, many find there is more joy in giving back to those who need it than receiving something themselves, and that’s exactly how Greg Benson feels too. He’s done some incredible charitable work before, getting teams together to give less fortunate folk great surprises and this is no exception.

Greg and his teams wanted to transform a local homeless shelter into a 5 star restaurant for one night, calling in fine chefs and decorating Ascencia Homeless Shelter in Glendale, CA, to look exquisite. As the people came walking in, turning the corner into the food area they were thoroughly shocked and joyed at what was going on. While enjoying their incredible meals, they were also given gift bags with essential good and some luxury itms, before Greg gave the director of the shelter a check for $5,000 to better the shelter.

“We really don’t get this all the time, and I never in my life got treated like this, ever”.

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