Young Girl Runs On Stage With Her Dad And Instantly Has Everyone Smiling 7k

It can be daunting to step on a stage facing many unknown faces, even as adults it can be quite a tricky feat to control the nerves. But one girl absolutely loves being up on the big stage with her dad.

7-year-old Alexa Navarez appeared on America’s Got Talent with her dad, Jorge, to use their daddy/daughter duo to try their hands at winning the competition. She was very eager to get on stage and despite feeling nervous for a few seconds, she focussed and overcame her nerves.

When they started singing “Home”, a song by artists Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, her energetic voice has audience members cheering and the judges smiling. Despite having one of the short performances of the show, they didn’t need much time to convince the judges they were a quality act that definitely deserved to go on to the next round.

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