Young Girl Brings Everyone To Tears As She Runs To Her Soldier Dad Coming Back Home 5k

There’s nothing like seeing your loved one after a long time, and for this little girl it felt like her dad was away for ever. But those who dedicate themselves to their country and serve know that the biggest sacrifice is bing away from your close ones for very long period of time. Lieutenant Daniel Oglesby had just returned from deployment in S.E Asia for over 9 months, and his young daughter had literally been counting down the days until she could see him again. When the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division were back home undergoing their homecoming ceremony, Oglesby’s daughter Cara ran to him and had to hug him, unable to hold herself back for any longer. He couldn’t just ignore her and broke formation to hug her back before sending her back to mom while the ceremony finished.

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