Young Boy Starts Reciting Bible Books At Church School But Has A Surprise At The End 2k

Many kids are afraid of performing when it comes to recitals, for most it’s the first time standing in front of a large crowd of mostly strangers and having to sing, leaving many of the kids with stage fright.

But some kids are more up to the task than others and will rise to the opportunity to have their 20 seconds of fame. One young boy at his Church preschool in Mississippi was ready to give his recital of bible books out to the parents and did it well. What the teachers didn’t expect him to do was to start adding his own song in at the end which left the parents in fits of laughter!

He began signing George Strait’s “All My Ex’s Live In Texas” and had a grin on his face while the teacher tried to keep her laughter in and take him off the mic.

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