Young Boy Is So Good At Dancing Like His Idol, Everyone’s Calling Him “Little Michael Jackson” 3k

Michael Jackson was one of the all time great, there is no doubt about that anywhere. The King of Pop influenced so many people during his life and after that he has many people, till this day, trying ti impersonate him and become the next Michael.

One young boy, Kingsley, stepped on stage at Indonesia’s Got Talent, wearing his favorite MJ costume and ready to perform his favorite routine. Not many people have been able to come close to replicating MJ’s famous moves but this kid certainly has talent, enough to have people call him “Young Michael”.

It will be interesting to see how how this kids takes his talents and follows in the footsteps of his idol. It’s great to see him embrace his natural talent to put smiles on so many faces and to pay tribute to his hero.

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