World’s Most Excited Dog Falls At Dog Show And The Commentator Loves It 818

While many love to compete in talent shows to showcase their singing and dancing, there are also dog shows for trainers and owners to show off how agile and well trained their dogs are. It’s more common in the U.K and dog are trained and groomed to look their best too, as a panel of judges mark them on several different factors. At the “Crufts Dog Show for Rescue Dogs”, a small and adorable Jack Russel dog was entered, but he was in it for the thrill and excitement and not about winning.

As other dogs set the standard and amazed the crowds and judges, Ollie the super excited dog began his course but started to make up his own path as he went along, doing whatever he felt like and looking like he was having the time of his life too! This made the crowds laugh and he won a place in their hearts, as even the commentator for the event adored the dog’s joyful run.

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