Woman Shares The Heartwarming Moment Her 87-Year Old Mom With Alzheimers Recognizes Her Again 516

It is heartbreaking and tough living with or with someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s and any other degenerative brain disease. Watching a loved one basically fade way until they are just a shell of what they used to be is truly heartbreaking to witness.

Kelly Gunnerson knows the heart break all too well, her 87-year-old mom suffers from Alzheimer’s and often spends her days feeling lost and out of place, not recognizing her family around her, except for brief moments where it seems to all come back. One of those golden moments is all it takes to make Kelly smile and tear up as she get a glimpse of the mom she grew up knowing.

Kelly lies down next to her mom and asks,” Do you know who I am?”. It takes a second of confusion but her mom replies with her name, even stating that she was the one who named here. They share a beautiful golden moment together and it’s defiantly worth treasuring.

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