Woman Notices Air Steward Sit Down In Front Of Her, When She Looks At His Face She Loses It 6k

The bar has been raised when it comes to proposals, all sorts of unique and fantastic marriage proposals can be seen over the internet and there’s always a push to try and make them more special than the last.

Alexander was chosen to have an opportunity to propose to his girlfriend Marieke while hundreds of feet above air. They had to enlist the help of many family members and friends to get it going, Marieke was convinced that she won a prize to visit Rhodes with a friend and was ecstatic to go with a film crew documenting their trip by Thomas Cook. Meanwhile, Alexander and the rest were secretly preparing for the ultimate proposal, from finding the perfect ring, dress and so much more to make it perfect.

When the big day came, over 40 friends and family members were rounded up and told to prepare for what was about to happen, while Marieke was still unaware of it all.

Watch as the day unfolded and Alexander nervously asked the biggest and most nerve wracking question of his life while posing as an air steward.

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