When Andrea Bocelli And Josh Groban Came To Sing Together, Everyone Called Them ‘The Perfect Duet’ 7k

Once in a while, the world is treated to incredible singers coming together to perform alongside each other. It’s those moments that really create history, especially if their voices harmonize perfectly, as they did when Andrea Bocelli sang side by side with Josh Groban.

Italian legendary singer Bocelli became blind at the young age of 12 and decided that life was to fragile to do anything except following your dreams, so with years of work, he became one of the best singers worldwide.

Bocelli is also famous for singing the popular song “The Prayer” with many artists, but today he teamed up with Josh Groban, and as we’re about to see, it was a match made in heaven.

Their performance touched the hearts of so many people, most classing them as ‘the perfect duet’ and they might not be wrong!

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