When 37-Year-Old Jonny Cash Performed In A Prison, He Changed Everyone Forever 2k

Johnny Cash is known for being one of the most influential singers and songwriters of all time, he has had many hits that have broken numerous records and winning multiple awards. His ability to perform a wife range of music made him one of the most loved musicians and led him to be inducted into numerous Music Hall of Fames.

Johnny Cash performed in a few prisons during his lifetime, he thought of it as a way to help inspire and motivate the men who may have had taken a wrong turn in their life and just needed something to help them get on the straight path again.

When he was only 37-years-old, he went to San Quentin prison and had a song dedicated to its inmate and the prison as a whole, and the inmates loved it.

It was the first time the guards saw all the inmates unite together to appreciate a common interest: Johnny Cash.

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