What This 5-Year-Old Did To A Homeless Man SHOCKED His Mother! 3k

Five year old Josiah Duncan surprised his mom when he did something remarkable at this diner, a true act of selflessness.

Josiah was walking outside a diner with his mother when he saw an elderly man who looked rough, hungry and tired. He asked his mother if he was homeless, to which she replied yes, and then continued to ask his mother a variety of questions, like where was his family and who looked after him. After finding out how bad life must be for the homeless man, he decided to invite the homeless man into the diner and told him to order anything off the menu. And just before he tucked in to eat, Josiah stood with him and said their blessings in his sweet voice.

We can all learn a lesson from Josiah, such a small gesture can really change everything for those who have nothing.

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