Watch The Intense Moment Firefighter Caught A Baby Thrown From A Burning House 826

It was an intense moment captured on camera, a firefighter narrowly catching a young child thrown from a third floor apartment.

Firefighters in the DeKalb Country, Georgia, were called to a scene of a raging fire, rapidly burning through apartment block.

After quickly laying ladders to the windows where residents were screaming for help, one parent had to take initiative and trust the life of their kid in the arms of the firefighter.


DeKalb County firefighter, Captain Scott Stroup, was standing underneath the ladder, and he noticed a man was having difficulties climbing down with his child in one arm. He saw that he had to do something, and went closer to hold his hands out incase the child dropped.

The parent had little choice but to drop their child from three storeys high.

“Obviously the parents trusted us enough to drop their children to our captains. And they made the catch.”

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