Waitress Is Struggling With Husband’s Cancer, Then Notices The Tip She Just Recieved 8k

When everything was going downhill for mother of four Jessica Reboredo, she didn’t know what to do except for continue working to be able to look after her husband and kids. They had been battling with her husband Robert’s cancer diagnosis and the extensive treatments that came with it. Because of Robert’s condition, he was sent to a specialist unit in Los Angeles, far away from their home in Las Vegas. This had Jessica often sleeping in her car when she went to visit her husband, often more than once a week.

When the Fox 5 Surprise Squad heard of Jessica’s story through her old school teacher, they were prepared to give her a surprise she thoroughly deserves. It started off with customers giving her insanely large tips before the Surprise Squad came in to gift her an extra $10,000 along with travel and sleeping arrangements for her to spend time with her husband in the critical times.

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