Veteran Thinks He’s Just An Honorary Guest At Football Game, But Is Given His Own Service Dog 716

Those who serve our country deserve nothing but upmost respect from everyone, including Steve DeVries who served as a combat medic in the army, stationed in Iraq. His heroic efforts awarded him many medals and honors, including the Global War of Terrorism service medal.

But life took a down turn for Steve when he suffered from a major spinal cord injury during combat, when his armoured vehicle convoy was struck by an IED.

It’s been hard for him to live his normal life again ever since he returned home, he still suffered from pain and movements issues, and the anxiety that comes with it.

He’s been on the constant struggle to get himself a service dog to help him become an independent man again, and has been waiting for over 18 months in the waiting list. When his story circulated, his favorite team, Giants, invited him to a game as an honorary guest for the half-time Military Moment interval. That’s when he finally got his prayers answered and met his new buddy.

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