Twins Take Over The Dance Floor At A Wedding And Have Everyone Up From Their Chairs 10k

When it comes to weddings, parents want to make sure that their kids get up to no mischief at all on that one special day. They’re told to sit quietly and enjoy the scenery and not to cause too much trouble by running around. The classic tragedy we’ve all seen is the wedding cake being knocked over, leaving guests in shock and horror.

However, some kids like to wait for the right moment to have their 20 seconds of fame. Mihai Ungureanu & Ionela Tarus are two young kids who have been practising ball room dancing together for as long as they can remember.

When they were invited to a wedding recently, they took to the dance floor and began surprising the guests with their stunning moves. Everyone who was once sitting down waiting for cake, was now standing up and cheering them on!

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