Thugs Wave Knife At Retired Marine Working At Gas Station, Then They Realized Their Big Mistake 5k

One of the scariest aspects of working in a store is not knowing when someone may run in brandishing a weapon wanting to rob the store. It does happen and it can traumatize those involved and put lives at risk. Criminals prey on the elderly, especially at quieter hours.

At this BP Gas Station, two thugs walked up to the till and held out their knives to Aaron Jacobs who was working that shift at night. As he turned his head to process the beers they were purchasing, they quickly got their knives out, held it near his throat, and demanded that he open the cash register and hand over all the money. But they were about to be surprised, Aaron Jacobs is a retired marine combat instructor, and he’s faced far more threatening situations in his time. In a swift move, Jacobs knocked the knife away from the thug’s hand before tackling him and getting him into a hold.

After the ordeal, Jacobs said he was trying not to make too much of a mess, with all the snacks falling off their displays, not even remotely scared of the thugs.

His instant reaction and years of training made it a bad day for the would be attackers!

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