Three Sisters Set Up To Perform In An Old Mansion And The Result Is Spectacular 798

It’s great to see siblings work together and find fun things to do together, just as Southern Raised have all followed the singing and perfuming career together.

Consisting of three sisters: Lindsay, Sarah and Emily Grace, and one brother, Matthew, they have always had a passion for music ever since they were young. They’d often play at home when they heard their aunt playing for them any time she visited and it was always a highlight for them.

It didn’t take long for them to pick up singing and learning to play instruments for themselves, they started to teach themselves, each other and their aunt would help out any time she visited.

Now they’re all incredible and are still experiment with different music styles, going from classical to acoustic and now a mixture of the two styles and they call it “ethereal”.

When asked about why they stated a band together, they said,“He (The Lord) is the reason we sing, the passion that burns, the cause we carry and the One we love! We thank Him for allowing us the honor to share His message with the world!”.

Here they set up studio in an old mansion to play “What A Day That Will Be” and the result of it all was incredibly breathtaking.

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