They Watch The 4th Of July Parade With Big Smiles On Their Faces. Then They Notice Someone Marching 2k

4th of July is a wonderful for all Americans. There are so many lovely parades to watch too! This family have always had the tradition of watching the parade that goes past their street, and they’ve been doing it for over 25 years!

The parades start off with the Color Guard marching in, representing all of the military branches. The family always have the same spot over the years of watching the parade and always hold a hand over the heart as respect for the military and for those who are no longer with us.

The two songs of the family, one is an Officer in the US Army, and the other is an Officer in the US Navy, were also in the marching formation and surprised their parents as they walked past.

Needless to say they made their parents shed lots of tears!

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