They Saw A Storm Heading Towards The Beach And Captured A Frightening Moment 306

Being the middle of a storm is never a position you want to be in, because it can get very frightening, very fast.

Beach goers at the Palm Beach in Florida were expecting a normal day, enjoying what they could of the weather. But it wasn’t too long into the day when they noticed dark clouds and what seemed to be a storm fast approaching. Following the lifeguard’s warning to move indoors, they hastily packed their belongings and went in.

It was a great call by the lifeguard, as they quickly began noticing lightning strikes in the distance. It wasn’t too long after they saw the strikes getting closer and closer to the beach, with one strike only yards away from them.

It just goes to show how scary lightning can really be. In the United States alone it is estimated that lightning causes just over 100 casualties a year, with around half of them turning into fatalities.

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