They Notice Mother Horse Gives Birth, Then They’re Speechless When They See Something Strange 13k

Horses really are some of the most majestic animals to walk the earth, they are stunningly beautiful look at and incredibly powerful. That’s what drew Jenni to look after horses, starting her own “Saratoga Stud” in South Africa. She loves everything about horses and her dreams were about to come true when one of her favorite horses, Daisy, was pregnant!

Jenni waited eagerly for the new arrival, but after seven days past the due date, they put Daisy under closer surveillance to make sure there were no complications. They noticed Daisy acting strange and knew it was time for her to give birth, and they welcomed her foal, Don Quixote.

When they thought it was all over, they were stunned to find sometime unusual about Daisy and her afterbirth, upon closer inspection they saw she was going into labor, again. Delivering the second foal safe and healthy was crucial, as the rarity of a horse giving birth to healthy twins is unbelievable.

Given the circumstances, the second foal was named Duet

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