They Look Like An Ordinary Family, But Look Closely At The Boy – He Has Something To Show You! 16k

Nico Calabria was born without his right leg. But his parents, Carl and Jeanine, would tell you that the one leg he does have can do enough for for two. They constantly stood by his side when he was young and got upset that he wasn’t ‘normal’, and they always did everything they could to show him that he shouldn’t let anything affect him, that even with his disability, he could still become great. With this mindset, Nico was determined to one day become an Athlete.

He loved sports since he was a young child, he was in the high school wrestling team, participated in gymnastics and even actively engaged in fundraising for charity by raising over $100,000 by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro at just 13 years old. On top of all this, he had a passion for soccer; something he loved since the age of 5. He managed to get into the high school soccer team and became a superstar from then on, with all his family and friends and even on the internet.

The video shows pieces of home video clips joined together showing Nico growing up and become the athlete he dreamed to be and worked hard to get there. He is such an inspiration and shows us that no matter what our goals are, if we are determined enough, we will be able to find a way!

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