They Heard People Shouting “Kill It” To An Injured Shark, So They Went And Became Heroes 1k

Nearly everyone has been conditioned to fear sharks and see them as the villain of the seas. So when one was stranded on a beach, most people were happy to watch it struggle and die. But two brothers who heard the commotion at a beach at Desti, Florida, bravely entered the waters and helped it to land first to help evacuate those who were in the waters first. After making sure the 10 foot hammerhead shark wasn’t a threat to anyone, they carefully inspected the nets and hooks stuck inside of its mouth, causing it to bleed out slowly in pain. They bravely managed to get everything out and helped the shark back into deeper water where it could swim away without causing any casualties.

They were amazed by how many bystanders were afraid and feared the shark, wanting to see it suffer and die on its own. They say they helped it out because it was the right thing to do and also a way to teach the others that even sharks need our help.

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