They Had Their ‘Lifeless’ Son Visit A Therapy Dog, Then They Witnessed A Miracle 5k

Sometimes all we need is a friend that feels our pain, and that’s exactly what 6 year old needed after he suffered from a traumatic brain injury. He was never the same after it, not only did he suffer permanent physical damage but he also lost hist mom and two siblings in the crash, leaving his dad the only one left with him.

He’s spent his fair share of time in hospitals, receiving many operations and surgeries to help get him back on hit feet and to allow him to live a somewhat normal life. Not only did he need operation to correct him, but he also needed therapy and support to get him back to the kid he once was, since he had been very quiet and dull about life ever since. When they introduced Caleb to a therapy dog, Colonel, things began changing far more than anyone could have expected.

After 8 years of constant surgeries, he is now attending school and performing great at his classes!

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