Their Little Boy Was Paralyzed After A Tragic Accident. They Lost Hope Until They Got Him A Dog… 4k

Six-year-old Caleb was a playful, energetic little boy who loved running around and doing everything with this family and friends. One tragic day, he was involved in a horrific accident that left him with severe traumatic brain injury.

He lost his mother and siblings in the fatal accident and was barely alive himself when the paramedics found him. His dad also survived the accident but was only diagnosed with minor injured. Ever since that haunting day, Caleb has been in for countless operations to get him back on his feet and living again.

Caleb’s family were starting to lose hope that he would ever get better, no matter how many treatments they tried, nothing was getting to Caleb. Out of ideas, they tried out a different type of therapy, one that involved a special friend, Colonel the therapy dog.

But what happened next after they met, even his family could not have imagined. He began making remarkable progress and started to become responsive to his environment.

After 8 years of constant surgeries, he is now attending school and performing great at his classes!

We wish you all the best Caleb!

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