Theater Star Invited Excited Fan On Stage To Sing A Disney Classic And No One Can Believe It 973

Almost every kid has a dream of going on the big stage and performing infant of the world and being a big celebrity. That feeling never left for Jared Young, who has always been an avid Disney fan since he was a toddler and has always wanted to take part in a Disney theatrical show.

He applied to partake in the ‘Aladdin’ theatre show many times but he was repeatedly rejected and his enthusiasm slowly decreased.

But during one Broadway play, superstar Lea Salonga invited a random fan, which happened to be Jared, to join her on stage and create a duet of “A Whole New World”, one of Disney’s most classic songs.

He absolutely couldn’t believe that she had picked him, his excitement and enthusiasm really showed through and he felt lists a big kid!

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