The Vet Told Them To Put Their Horse Down After Suffering Arthritis, Then A Miracle Happened 903

No one wants to see their pets go, it can be tough losing a friend and for some they’re even like family members. When one family adopted a young mare, Zamora, many years ago, they looked after her without cutting any corners. But when Zamora hit 20-years-old, she began developing severe arthritis problems, primarily in her front knees and right hip. This stopped her from doing a lot of stuff, including nor being able to bend her front knees for the past three years. Because of her inability to move around properly, she developed a 3-inch abdominal edema too. As a result of all the conditions, she never had the chance to move around freely like a horse should.

After visiting the veterinarians, they said that Zamora should be put down as her quality of life was tragically bad and only worsening. In one last bid to see if anything could get her back on her feet and healthy, they found an all natural supplement and began feeding Zamora. A few morning later, they noticed a completely different spirit in their horse, one which they had not seen for many years!

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