The Most ‘Nervous Contestant Ever’ Walked On Stage And Left Simon Cowell With A Great Big Smile 5k

Not everyone can cope with standing in front of a crowd of thousands of people and knowing many millions more are watching through the TV. Stage fright, also known as performance anxiety, is common in many people and is often difficult to overcome and tackle. Everyones heard the phrase “Face your fears” and that’s exactly what this contestant decided to do.

37-year-old Jamie is a warehouse worker and pizza delivery driver, supporting his small family doing whatever he can. He often sings to himself and in front of his wife, who has on many occasions told him to make it into his career because of how good he is. He’s always wanted to sing, partiucalry in an orchestra and felt like this was his opportunity.

He suffers from stage fright and often finds himself totally freezing in front of large audiences. But when he came on stage to sing “Bring Him Home”, a song form the Les Miserables play, he absolutely blew everyone away!

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