The Bride Had All Eyes On Her As She Walked Down The Aisle With A Surprise 15k

Everyone wants to make their big day memorable and stand out as a key day in their lives, which is why one bride in Illinois planned her surprise months in advance. She wanted to sing a special song, dedicated for her husband, as she walked down the aisle at their ceremony.

Viewed over 15 million times online, the video recorded in 2013 shows Illinois bride Arianna Pflederer singing a special and edited rendition of “Look At Me” by Carrie Underwood as she walked down the hall, looking straight into her husbands eyes. Ryan Pfelderer, who was waiting for his wife to make her entrance, said he was completely unaware that she was going to do anything of the sort, and his expressions say so too.

Apparently, it was planned years ago, since it was a tradition in Arianna’s family that the bride sings down the aisle, but Ryan had no idea of that. They first met in high school and were soon engaged to each other, claiming it was a way to rebel against their parents. It was going well for them so Ryan decided to get down on one knee on Valentines Day with the offer of a diamond ring, and she joyfully accepted, he’s a classic romeo.

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