The Bee Gees Sing “How Deep Is Your Love” And Are Left Stunned When The Show Host Joins Them 9k

Everyone from the 60’s and 70’s knew of the Bee Gees, they were the most successful band of brother to ever hit the radio waves and created outstanding music, propelling the trio into stardom. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb had incredible harmonies that always complemented one another, which ultimately earned their position as one of the best selling artists of all time. When they released “How Deep Is Your Love”, it became an instant hit with everyone, reaching top position in many charts and still has a place in many ‘All Time Top’ music charts today.

They appeared on a British TV programme to sing an a cappella version of their song, and were thoroughly surprised when the show host also joined in with a unique harmony that only enhanced it all. You just don’t get music like this anymore.

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