Lying to the cops is never a good idea, you’re certain to be caught in the wrong sooner or later, so it’s safer to just be honest from the beginning. One student and teacher did just that to the school’s police officer, but it was all for a great cause!

Most time when an officer is called to a school, it can be of a serious nature. Either an altercation happened between students and/or staff, theft or even just general safety. What this school, Heritage High School in Brentwood, CA, had planned was something far more of a pleasant nature.

Introducing Officer Mitch, students will easily describe him as one of the best officers they’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and also one of the best mentors and role models out there. Officer Mitch has always made it his primary concern to look after the students and teachers and always aim to be able to give them his best.

Source: Youtube {link:}

Source: Youtube {link:}

He loves listening to students and making conversations with the teachers, he really fits in as if he was everyone’s best friend. From time to time you can spot him playing sports with some of the students and getting actively involved in some of their lessons.

The school thought it was long overdue to show their appreciation to Officer Mitch and wanted to do something that showed how much he meant to everyone. The school teamed up with a company to help set up an incredible flash mob to surprise him. The song of choice was “Downtown” by Macklemore, one of Officer Mitch’s favorite songs!

All of the students came together to make the event extra special and tried to include everything that he loves, from student signed baseball to basketball jerseys.

That morning, Officer Mitch had no idea what was about to happen, but he certainly left with many smiles and tears!

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