Teen With A Deep Voice Does His Best Cover Of A Johnny Cash Classic And The Judges Couldn’t Stay Seated 5k

You never know what to expect next at talent competitions, people with all sorts of talents and skills can leave you impressed or unamused. The judges have seen it all though, they’ve seen future superstars and they’ve seen some people not cut out for it, but when they came across 18-year-old Josiah Siska, they were prepared for something good.

Source: YouTube

As Josiah introduced himself, he also mentioned that he was a big fan of Johnny Cash, and wanted to perform one of his classic’s “Ghost Riders” for his audition. As he started, the judges quickly realized he had had a voice that they hadn’t come across before for a teenager, it was deep and very rich. A few seconds into it, one judge, Harry Connick Jr., even got up to add in some sound effects, such as a horse running and neighing.

Source: YouTube

By the end of the performance, all judges came into agreement that they’d never heard such a deep captivating voice like his before, and sent him straight to the next round!

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