Teen Boy Declared ‘Dead’ For 20 Minutes Before Waking Up And Shouting He Met Jesus 3k

Zack Clements from Brownwood, Texas, has a story to share that you’ll probably never hear from most. He was 17 years old when he collapsed in the middle of an athletics class and quickly went into cardiac arrest, without any warnings or indications.

One second he was a well-perofming, fit and healthy teen doing his usual sports routine and the next he had collapsed onto the ground at Victory Life Academy, showing no signs of life and without pulse.

His pulse and condition was constantly monitored by those nearby, trying to resuscitate him while an ambulance rushed over. For 20 minutes he lay there with no pulse and they were about to expect the worst. But suddenly, his pulse miraculously came back and was alive again. He was in an induced coma for three days at the Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas and in a clean bill of health.

When his parents asked him what happened in those 20 minutes his heart had stopped beating, the teen responded with a miracle.

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