Sweet 10-Year-Old Girl Has A Huge Breakdown On Stage But Still Leaves The Judges Amazed 2k

To walk on to the big stage for what might be the first time in your life can be a very daunting thing. So many faces looking straight at you, you cannot leave any room for error or it can turn very embarrassing very quickly.

When 10-year-old Hollie Steel walked on the stage at talent search show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, she had the nerves of steel in the first few auditions. The judges were thoroughly amazed and how well she performed and how confident she was too, something quite rare for kids her age.

But it seems the pressure of the competition began to get to her. As it became more and more competitive, she found herself putting in all the effort she could and was relying on a big break from winning the show. But during her semi-final performance, her voice weakened momentarily and it sent her into a nervous breakdown right in the middle of the stage.

Thinking that she had blew her chances, she began crying and her mom and cast members came in to help her feel comfortable and calm her down. The judges all agree to give her another shot whenever she was ready.

Needless to say, she came back better than ever!

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