Student Rushes Over To A Cheerleader To Do Something Amazing When He Notices Her Crying 1k

One student from a high school in San Antonio, Texas, has become a school hero after his actions saving a young girl from crying during a football game. 9-year-old Addie Rodriguez missed her father a lot as he was deployed and serving, breaking down in tears anytime his name came up. She knew her father was gone for the most honorable cause and was proud of him, but that couldn’t stop her from missing him every day.

At a football at Central Catholic High School, she was cheerleading when something special was planned, all the fathers of the cheerleaders came to the field and picked them up on their shoulders. However, Addie’s father was far away, and she stood there embarrassed and on the verge of tears, until student Matthew Garcia noticed. He quickly stood up from his seat and leapt over the fences and gates to run over to her, check if she was ok and then proceed to pick her up on his shoulder, just like every other cheerleader.

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