Struggling Mom Of Seven Breaks Down When She Returns Home To Find Everything Changed 3k

Life can have it’s ups and downs, but for mother of seven kids, Maria, it seemed like she was stuck at a downturn and couldn’t get back up. She had long been trying hard to keep her family happy and running, but she felt like she couldn’t get a break and give them everything they deserve.

Maria and her seven kids lived in a house with next to nothing inside. They had mattresses on the floor as beds, no furniture, no accessories and hardly any electrical. Maria had fallen on hard times and that’s when she was brought to the attention of the Fox5 Surprise Squad.

They caught Maria by surprise outside her house and told her what was going to happen. Immediately a truck pulled up counting beds for her and all the kids, so that they wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore. Then another truck pulled up behind the first, full of all the furniture and electronics and decor she would need to make the house a home.

As Maria went for lunch with Angie, her friend who nominated her for this surprise, the team got to work in changing her house completely. When they came back, Maria and her kids all went inside with their eyes closed, and were lost for words when they could finally open them. Mom was jumping for joy and was teary as she saw her house looking like a home for the first time.

“We’ve been here for so long, struggling for so long, and then we got this blessing and I’m grateful that we’ve got a home.”

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