Street Performer Starts Singing And No One Can Believe It. He Sounds Exactly Like Johnny Cash! 4k

Jesse Morris always felt that music reached his soul better than anything else in the planet, so he made it his dream to become a musician and to not stop. He was always seen with his guitar, singing his own songs that he wrote and also covering and impersonating other musicians.

Herege was recorded at the subway station in San Francisco, with his trusty guitar singing the most incredible Johnny Cash impersonation ever. If you close your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two, he’s that good!

His choice of song, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” played out beautifully and he looks very natural doing it, it was one of his favorites!

Unfortunately, Jesse Morris passed away 5 years ago but his music and talent will continue to be remembered! Rest in Peace Jesse.

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