Stranded Truck Driver Looks Out To See A Woman And Horse, Then Notices What She’s Holding 12k

A stranded truck driver in Winnipeg, Canada, was throughly surprised when he noticed a woman on horseback who had travelled over four kilometres just bring him warm coffee while he was rescued.

Eileen Eagle Bears, an 18-year-old, noticed a truckers stranded while listening to local news and weather reports, a highway camera had taken a picture of the stranded motorist. She knew a truck that size would take many hours to be recovered and that being in the middle of almost nowhere, the driver had limited access to drink or food for the wait. Eileen made him a thermos of hot coffee and set off on her 4km journey to reach him.

The trucker, Winnipeg resident Peter Douglas, got caught off guard in the weather and was forced to halt after the road got too icy and his truck began to slip. Douglas called it in and was told to wait while another similar sized truck came past to help him back on the road. That night he slept, eating only the food and drink he had in his truck, but the next morning he work up to the sound of footsteps, it was Eileen and her horse, and she was carrying something in a bag. Watch the story below to see how it all unfolded!

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