Star Of Dirty Dancing Joins His Wife To Show Off A Passionate Dance. Breathtaking 5k

The legend Patrick Swayze has always bene known for his bad boy roles and his on screen romance acting that always won over the girls when he hit the big screen in the theatres. When the role for ‘Dirty Dancing’ came up, he was perfect for the role and everyone knew it. Despite the movie now being 30 years old, many still watch it today and remember the romantic hunk that Swayze was and his incredible dances on screen.

While his private life was kept mostly to himself and his family, a dance he performed with his wife showed off just exactly how his relationship was with his wife, Lisa Niemi. They were school sweethearts and often practiced dance together and had a connection that even directors couldn’t conjure for their movies. Here they were dancing to ‘All The Man That I Need’ at the World Music Awards in 1994.

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