Standing With A Nervous Look On Her Face, She Had Everyone Stunned With Her Voice 3k

There’s been a large increase in the number of child stars in modern times thanks to technology and the availably of the internet. It’s not easier than ever to find talented individuals with the help of social medias.

Jackie Evnacho, now 16 years old, has long been a singer whose voice has reached millions. The ‘American classic crossover’ artist started off at 10-years-old appearing on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and managed to come second place. Despite not winning, she still became a popular figure and offered many contracts.

She continued on her path to become a singer and found herself performing in Las Vegas, March 22nd in 2013 on World Water Day.

Her choice of song “Bridge over Troubled Water” was made popular for being the title song of Simon and Garfunkel’s album, which had the same name

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