Special Needs Girl Holds Street Performer’s Hand While He Sings To Her 1k

If there’s anything in this world that can bring two strangers together, it has to be music. Enjoying music is something everyone has in common and it’s often a way to unite people from their common love for it.

When Kenny Sway, a band member of ‘The Unknowns’, was street performing to increase the awareness of his bands shows, he was approached by a young girl who had been watching him for a while. He learned that the girl had special needs and that she felt touched by his music, wanting to stand with him as he sung. He wanted to sing a song especially for her and chose “I Will Always Love You”, the Whitney Houston Classic. She began smiling and was in awe at his brilliant voice and that he had taken his time to make her happy.

In her excitement, she started dancing along, enjoying every moment of it. Not only was it a heartwarming performance to see, but Kenny’s singing talent was admired by many.

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