Son Sings Along With His 88-Year-Old Mom With Alzheimer’s, She’s Still Great 3k

It’s hard to see someone battle a degenerative brain disease, seeing them slip away and their memories disappear can be hard to deal with, but every now and then a golden moment will see it all come back and the life spring back into them.

Brian Ridings had a tough time when he learned his mom first was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Knowing that she would soon forget who he was, he prepared himself for the pain that was to come. Over time, he noticed she would occasionally spring back to her former glory, and able to do so many things that she loved.

His now 88-year-old mom lives in an assisted living centre, and when she wants to, she can play and sing the guitar “better than anyone” in Brian’s eyes. He set his phone up to record one of their duets to share.

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