Soldier Couldn’t Get Home To See His Family, Then A Stranger Had Him Surprised 458

It hasn’t been easy for U.S Army Mechanic Keaton Tilson and his family, they miss each other a lot and were constantly looking forward to the closest opportunity to see each other again. Luckily for Tilson, he received word that he was granted leave to see his family, albeit a last minute decision.

He went to the local Dallas airport but was stuck there for over two days. Because it was so last minute and in time for Memorial Day, he couldn’t find any available flights and was always put on stand-by but to no luck.

That’s when his luck changed, a stranger, Josh Rainey, noticed Tilson’s attempts to find the earliest flight home and wanted to do his bit to help out. Rainey’s dad was a former officer and he had huge respect for those who served, which led him to want to help the young soldier out.

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