Sister Plays Guitar To Down Syndrome Brother, It’s Melting The Hearts Of The Internet 2k

For mom Amanda Bowman Gray, having her second child, Bo, was a blessing, even when the world was trying to tell her otherwise.

25-month-old Bo requires constant attention, he was born with Down Syndrome, and finds it difficult and scary to be by himself. Luckily for him, not only does he have the best mom in the world, but also the best older sister!

As mom went to take a shower, she asked her daughter to babysit her baby brother for a while. Not long after, she heard music playing, and was eager to find out what they were up to.

As she came out, she saw her daughter, Lydia, playing her guitar next to Bo, and him singing along with her!

The two of them make a great team and everything thinks they’re unbelievably cute!

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