Simon Wasn’t Impressed At First With Nervous Mom’s Singing. She Tried Again And Left Simon Without Words 1k

Mom of three, Sian Pattison, is an accounts manager by profession and never really thought about singing as a career.

It was her daughter who persuaded to get on the show after she signed her up secret behind mon’s back.

Her daughter was always impressed hearing her mom sing, and as she kept up with talent shows and their contestants, she knew her mom definitely had a chance of making it far.

She started off with one of her favorite songs, “Ave Maria”, performed by Beyonce. It took just a few seconds for Simon to raise his arm to ask her to stop singing.

Knowing she had more to offer, Simon asked to so sing a different song to bring out the best of her talent.

Simon asked her to sing “With You”, which brought out a completely different side of her voice. Simon was very quickly impressed, alongside with the rest of the judges.

Mom’s got a fantastic voice and her little girl is feeling very proud!

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