Simon & Garfunkel Were The One Of The Best Duos Of The 60’s. Watch Their Last Performance Ever! 3k

Simon & Garfunkel had very much a love & hate relationship during their duo career, but many feel that that’s what gave their music extra emotion. During the 1960’s they became some of the biggest names in the industry, any music fan would tell you how immensely popular they were back in their day.

Because of their polar opposite personalities, working together was always quite shaky. No one ever knew if the two would get albums or singles released on time, or that if they would ever be completed. What they did know though was that when the albums did finally get released, they would go on to be record-breakers!

Here they were at the 25th Anniversary of Rock and Roll, Hall of Fame Concert 2009 and it was only right that they were invited on stage to sing one of their most heartfelt songs, “Bridge Over The Troubled Water”.

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