Simon Cowell Didn’t Think She Could Pull It Off, But Was Blown Away When She Started Singing 19k

Simon Cowell has for the most part been regarded as one of the hardest talent judges to impress. He sets a very high standard and has a knack for only picking out the most talented individuals to progress on talent shows. Some people may not like how straightforward he is, but it works.

So for him to be surprised is a big deal, and it means that he’s going to like it. When Lucie Jones appeared on the X Factor UK in 2009, he didn’t expect a teenager to be able to pull off one of the hardest songs to sing, Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You”, originally by Dolly Parton. It’s a fantastic song and if not pulled off properly, could mean the end of the line for any hopeful contestant.

While doubtful at first, Simon realized he had a star singing in front of him as she hit all the notes incredibly well and was blown away that he couldn’t see it coming!

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