Sick Grandma Wanted To Hear Granddaughter Sing For Her And The Nurses Were In Tears 3k

Spending time in hospital is something no one wants to do, to be away form the comfort of home for long periods of time can get very daunting. Mom Evi Dalius was visiting her mom who was admitted into hospital and put into care until she got to better health. During her time there, she began to miss the family and having familiar faces and voices around her. Grandma asked for her granddaughter, Salsabila, to visit and keep her company, to boost her morale and get her feeling better quicker.

When young Salsabila went to see grandma, she wanted to sing for her, as grandma always loved singing and wanted her to hear how good she had become. Her performance of Beyonce’s “Listen” made grandma feel back at home again and made her feel comfortable and relaxed. The nurses in the ward were also touched at the amount of talent the young girl had and the sweet gesture of singing for her dear grandma.

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